Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Does Your Organic Produce Come From?

Sustainable Industries magazine had a great article in their Sept-Oct issue. It reported that when asked where Trader Joe's gets their organic produce, Joe wouldn't answer!

Some grocers will share this information. Others won't, citing concerns about competition and needing to protect sources. Many grocers then allow a third party to authenticate that milk really is organic or eggs really are cage-free. Trader Joe's does not have third party authentication.

Please know, I am not maligning Trader Joe's. I think we all have a responsibility to make choices about what we ingest and can only do that when we have appropriate information. If a grocer won't provide the information and isn't being responsible about providing authentication...well how do you know what you're getting?

I've been to several stores which sell both conventional and organic produce. I've seen stock clerks take conventional produce, mistakenly placed in an organic bin, and move it. By law this would render the entire organic bin "spoiled" but of course no retailer can afford that kind of loss.

If you are fortunate to live in a place where you can buy directly from farmers that's the best. You can talk to them and find out their practices as well as buy very fresh food. If you have the option to buy from a store which only carries organic food, that's a no-brainer.

Question from where your food comes. Read labels. Make choices about what you ingest.

Calorie Counting: Does weight = health?!

I read an article the other day about a nutritionist who only ate junk food for a month and lost a few pounds. The person intended to prove that it's only a matter of calories and as long as the calorie intake was lower than calories expended, weight would be lost.

Another nutritionist wrote about eating corndogs and M+Ms on her blog. She's skinny and looks great, so she must be healthy. She's a nutritionist!

Does weight equal health?

No! Certainly overweight can be indicative of ill-health

I've known several people who are appropriate weight and have healthy skin, hair and eyes (these are often telltales of health). Yet they have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Calories and weight do not equal health.

Health is a strong immune system. One capable of fighting off minor colds and viruses. Health is preventing major disease. Health happens from the inside out - meaning a substantial population of healthy bacteria, good elimination (physically, emotionally and mentally), a balance of work, fun and relaxation.

Yes, you can lost weight by eating fewer calories and burning more calories. That has little to do with health. You are what you eat, drink and think. I'm going to joyfully make my morning juice now.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Want a Wildly Successful Life?

Join the fun! Know your true purpose in life and fuel your body so you can enjoy life.

Your Life Purpose is what energizes you while you're using your talents and contributing to society.

Fueling your body is about eating nutritious food in a whole, unprocessed state and bringing your body to a level of health whereby it can process those nutrients most efficiently. When you eat this way, consistently, you boost your immune system; come to your natural, normal weight; release cravings.

Most people eat because they are:
  • angry
  • lonely
  • tired
  • bored
  • stressed
and occasionally because they are hungry!

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This blog will be more opinionated. Comments are welcome. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. I do not offer therapy services. Specific health questions cannot be answered on this blog. For specific inquiries, please schedule a consultation. Thanks and happy reading!